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The start of Bôtan Distillery

From our passion for food and food cultures, we discovered the beauty of herbs. We believe that the possibilities of herbs are unrevealed. Most people experience an herb as an ingredient for seasoning. They don’t see the herb as a main ingredient. And that’s a pity! 

As our interest in discovering herbs grew, we started to grow herbs ourselves in our little city garden. By growing herbs ourselves, we found out the intensity of the process of growing. And we started to value the herbs even more.

We found out that herbs are precious plant material. We experimented with our house grown herbs and created the most tasteful dishes. We discovered the distinctiveness of the flavours.

Still, something was missing… We created great food, but we weren’t able to reach a similar astonishment yet for drinks based on herbs. We tried many recipes for herbal drinks. We macerated herbs in water. We made syrups from herbs. It was good - but not complex at all. 

So we asked ourselves the following questions. How great would it be to have a drink based on distillates from the most crazy herbs? Would it be possible to reach a similar full body experience as alcoholic spirits? Would it be possible to imitate the complex flavours we find in dishes in one drink? Many more questions followed - so we started to look for answers.

Who the hell can create a complex herbal drink? We found the answer by looking for the herborist behind great chefs: Wim. He serves chefs. But when the restaurant opens, he disappeared. With our friendship & years of intense research, Bôtan Distillery is born.

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