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Nitro Espresso Martini


· Good quality Coldbrew coffee* 500 gr
· Bôtan Citrus Ginger 80 gr
· Crystal Sugar 300 gr
· Star anise whole 1 gr
· Good quality Vanilla seeded 2 gr
· Espresso Coffee beans 5 gr        

1) Combine all ingredients and heat slowly to 75 degrees
2) Heat at 75 degrees for 30 minutes*
3) Let it cool down slowly outside the refrigerator
4) Infuse for 12 hours in the refrigerator
5) Pass through a fine sieve and keep cold


Pour into NITRO isi siphon:
- 300 gr Premix
- 150 gr good quality coldbrew coffee
- 180 gr Bôtan Signature Blend
- Charge with Nitro ampule (isi brown)
- Give the siphon a hard shake and store in refrigerator
- Serve gently in your favourite coupe glass
- Garnish with espresso beans or grated cacao nib


* We use Rush Rush - Brazil Fazenda Taquaral espresso

How to make cold brew coffee?

- 600 gr hot water
- 400 gr clear ice
- 70 gr ground coffee Brazil Fazenda

1) Pour hot water over ground coffee through filter bag. 
2) Let it drip onto the ice cubes. 


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