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Bôtan Peruvian Sour

We’re proud to release one of our favourite signature cocktails in a ready-to-serve edition. Order this limited batch cocktail now to serve at x-mas eve or new years’ eve. 


Starting from the citrus notes and tingly sancho pepper of our blend Citrus Spice, we were inspired to create a sour cocktail with clean citrus flavours and no alcohol. 

This limited batch cocktail is the result of an intense collaboration between Atelier Paul Morel and Bôtan Distillery. The idea behind this collaboration is to bring the pleasure of non-alcoholic drinking in one ready-to-serve- bottle. 


About Bôtan Citrus Spice 

Bôtan Citrus Spice is a bittersweet botanical distillate. The blend has welcoming etheric oils of orange fruits and mandarins, lengthened by subtle sweet citrus blossoms. Floral and tingly sansho pepper settles on the rear palate. 

Till now, this blend could only be enjoyed at our beloved hospitality partners. Great chefs adore this blend because of the sophisticated flavours. Le Pristine (Antwerp) serves a non-alcoholic and citrus-forward G&T, whereas Atelier Maple (Antwerp) created a sophisticated non-alcoholic version of a Moscow Mule cocktail. Ogst (Hasselt) combines this blend in a vinaigrette paired with Holstein beef and watermelon. 

When ordering a pre-bottled cocktail Bôtan Peruvian Sour, you get a unique code with which you’ll be able to order one bottle of Bôtan Citrus Spice. With the bottled cocktail, we’ll include the recipe for the perfect Peruvian Sour cocktail which brings a unique non-alcoholic pleasure at home. 


About the Peruvian Sour cocktail



Together with Paul Morel, we’ve created a Peruvian Sour cocktail with unparalleled flavour. The sweet and sour flavours open up the play of botanicals. For the creation of this Peruvian Sour cocktail, Paul Morel started from the citrus flavours of Bôtan Citrus Spice. 

This sophisticated cocktail is infused with Hoja Santa herbs and Peruvian Huacatay grown in our Belgian terroir. The Holy Leaf develops its flavours in moist soil and shade. Harvesting this elusive and complex flavour palette is intense, which makes Hoja Santa exclusive and high-priced. 

Hoja Santa has complex flavour notes of anise, eucalyptus, nutmeg and tarragon, whereas Huacatay adds a round and sweet dimension of mint. Combined, these herbal flavours collide perfect with the punchy characteristics of our Citrus Spice blend.


The erlenmeyer reflects the interaction between time, terroir and craftsmanship



The erlenmeyer bottle carries a special place in our hearts. This bottle reflects the triangulation of time, terroir and craftsmanship. With every harvest and distillation run, we depend on the correlation between these three lawless elements, with our sophisticated and limited botanical distillates as a result. 

For the Ampersand collection, we choose this iconic erlenmeyer bottle with a removable label. Together with the limited character of this blend, we believe this precious bottle should be used again, by you for many other occasions. 




  • ABV: 0,0% (Why add alcohol as it kills all living plant molecules?)

  • Taste notes: Citrus, fresh sour orange, green herbs, lime peel, supported by the perfect balance between sweet and sour

  • Recommended serve: Serve directly over ice 

  • Occasion: pre-dinner or as a pairing with a starter with raw fish

  • Shelf life: Consume within 7 days and keep refrigerated


You’ll only be able to order this pre-dinner cocktail from the 1st of  December 2020 for delivery on the 24th and 30th of December. Pre-order now! 


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