Peruvian Sour

Peruvian Sour

Starting from the citrus notes and tingly sancho pepper of our blend Citrus Spice, we were inspired to create a sour cocktail with clean citrus flavours and no alcohol; our Peruvian Sour. Don't have the citrus spice yet? You can also make this serve perfectly with our Hanami or Citrus Ginger spirits.


50 ml — Bôtan Citrus Spice / Hanami / Citrus Ginger
30 ml — Sugar water 1:2*
25 ml — Fresh Lime juice
20 ml — Fresh egg white or aquafaba to create the foamy layer 
8 ice cubes for shaking
Fresh lime zest for garnish
Coupe glass with Cubed ice

How to make it

  1. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Remove the egg yolk and only use the egg white.
  2. Combine Bôtan (50 ml), sugar water (30 ml), fresh lime juice (25 ml) and the egg white or Aquafaba (20 ml) to a cocktail shaker (do not add the ice cubes (for shaking) yet)
  3. Shake hard until you create foam (dry shaking)
  4. Add the ice cubes (8 cubes for shaking) to the liquid in the cocktail shaker
  5. Shake hard until ice cold
  6. Pour out while double straining into a chilled glass
  7. Garnish with zest of lime

*Make your own sugar water. Combine 1 cup of granulated sugar and 2 cups of filtered water in a pot. Bring to boiling and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Allow cooking before storing in the refrigerator.

This cocktail won the "cocktail & signature serve masters" 

The Spirits Business praised this signature cocktail for its intense and complex flavours. Out of 13 submissions only Bôtan Distillery won a medal. On top of that, we won a golden medal! It’s a blessing to see that our superior product & philosophy is recognised by the world’s most leading organisation.

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