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Henry Quatre

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Henry Quatre is een complexe licht rode Wyne, afkomstig vanuit België. Deze Botanical Wyne is gemaakt door Bôtan Distillery op basis van 14 gedistilleerde kruiden waaronder cassis, jeneverbes geassembleerd met wijnperzik. Een complexe en fruitige stijl met zachte tannines waarbij je in de neus wild rood fruit kan herkennen, alsook jeneverbes en wilde bos bloemen tezamen met een lichte kruidigheid. In de mond kun je complexiteit verwachten, smaken zoals cacao en boterige toetsen ontdekken. Ook de aanwezigheid van aciditeit is hier mooi herkenbaar.


Wild red fruits: cranberries, cassis, juniper berries.
Floral wild forest flowers. Slightly spicy in the nose.


Velvet, rich, complex, subtle tannins & long acids.
Cocoa & wine peach on the palate, butter scotch.
Long aftertaste with buttery notes.


Peruvian bitter chocolate, rosehip, pecan, currants.



Soft, refined, complex dishes
White truffle
Sea urchin, oyster
Sun root, chicory, white beans
Light meat dishes, roe
Organ meats, liver
Langoustines, scallops
Refined patisserie, chocolate desserts


Botanical Wynes “Botanical Wyne, not crafted to resemble (traditional wine) but rather to honour layered palates and the ability to easily pair with food.”

Starting from our superior botanical distillates, we craft non-alcoholic Botanical Wynes. By relying on the values of Bôtan Distillery, Botanical Wynes honour the same key pillars as traditional wines: heritage, craftsmanship and authenticity. Complex and layered flavours are designed from meticulously distilled botanicals, wine grapes and a wide variety of fruits.


The botanicals are grown & harvested by ourselves in full soil ultimately allowing for a beautifully diverse polyculture.  “Non-alcoholic”  Botanical Wynes have nothing to do with the industrial process of de-alcoholizaition*. We believe that a non-alcoholic wine occasion is built upon authentic values and complex aroma palettes. 

*De-alcoholization of wine is a process called “reverse osmosis”. This is NOT a gentle and clean proces! In reverse osmosis, wine is pumped against the membrane at a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure, causing compounds such as ethanol and water to diffuse selectively, thereby removing the alcohol from the wine. The downside? It affects structure, impacts flavour and limits the shelf life which non-alcoholic wine brands solve by adding artificial or so-called natural aroma’s and preservatives.


“Wyne” refers to the culture and traditions around wine: the occasion and the enjoyment. Just like a bottle of wine, you open Botanical Wyne at a certain time or occasion.

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