The origin of Bôtan

"What would happen if we’d distill single herbs and flowers, blend them together and add nothing else?  

The inspiration for Bôtan's honest philosophy lies in the extensive list of ingredients of your non-alcoholic spirit. Just read the back of any other bottle of non-alcoholic spirit. The list starts with water, sugar and then an e-numeration of artificial flavors, preservatives, sugars and e-numbers. You don't expect this, right?

We decided to take a different approach and stepped out of the industrialized frame of reference of spirits. Our spirits contain no industrial flavors and no preservatives. In addition, we skip the intensive process of de-alcoholization. We wanted to create an honest spirit. A non-alcoholic spirit that is truly more healthy than your alcoholic spirit. And a spirit without artificial additives and their chemical flavors.

To achieve this, we returned to the basics of all flavours: nature. Together with our culinary herbalist, we studied herbs, flowers and spices from all over the world. We analyzed the molecular structure and presence of natural preservatives. After a process of more than two years, we know the formula for an intense spirit with a long shelf life and no preservatives.

By turning our back on industrialized flavors, we discovered again how real flavors taste. Real flavors go beyond those developed by the industry. Because we distill intensively and briefly, we include the complete range of flavors of herbs. By blending single distillates, we develop intense, complex flavors with unparalleled depth.

This is the start of Bôtan, our distillery of non-alcoholic blends.

How did we start?


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