How to drink Bôtan? 

Bôtan is a spirit. We recommend starting with a Highball by combining 25ml of Bôtan, 100ml of sparkling water (or a mixer as tonic water), lime juice and ice cubes in a long glass. You can also check out our recipes for easy nolow cocktails. As Bôtan is the strongest non-alcoholic drink, you don’t need fancy ingredients to create extreme fancy cocktails. 

Good to know: With every order, you’ll receive a booklet The Pleasure Guide with 14 nolow recipes. You can find these recipes on our website as well. 


Why are we the strongest natural spirit? 

Strong and natural go hand in hand. Natural, because the only way to replace the strength-bodied characteristic of alcohol, is by using natural ingredients. Strong, because we replace the strength-bodied characteristics. 

We’re the strongest. With Bôtan, you make full-bodied nolow cocktails which burst from flavour but need little ingredients or cocktail making techniques. 

It’s not easy for non-alcoholic spirits to be strong. Alcohol is full-bodied and carries flavours. Bôtan fills these needs.


What is Bôtan made of? 

Bôtan is a non-alcoholic spirit made from plant-based distillates. The blends contain up to 14 distillates from single distilled herbs, flowers and spices. 


Which distillation process is used? 

We use full spectrum steam distillation, combined with vacuum distillation for soft and delicate flower leaves. All ingredients are single distilled to transfer all flavour and preserving molecules, vitamins and antioxidants. 


Why do we start from (and end with) nature? 

Our goal is not to make a cheap spirit, but a powerful one. Nature offers more intense flavours and preserving characteristics than the industry provides. Herbs, flowers and spices have a versatile flavour palette which we can’t replace by industrial flavours. And we are willing to make a conscious spirit. It’s our DNA.


Does Bôtan contain sugar? 

No. Bôtan does not contain sugar. The herbal distillates contain no sugar at the base. And we add no sugar neither. Bôtan is your skinny bitch!


Does Bôtan contain flavour additives? 

No. We start and end with nature. It’s our DNA. 


Does Bôtan contain preservatives? 

Again, no. We know how to handle nature. We studied the preserving characteristics of plants and flowers and found out how to turn these goodies liquid. With Bôtan, you do not drink preservatives. 


Why do we encourage - you - to read the list of ingredients of your favourite non-alcoholic spirit? 

Many spirits claim to be natural. Unfortunately, many of these spirits contain industrial ingredients as preservatives and flavour additives. Is this a bad thing? Up to you to decide! Leaders make 


Is Bôtan healthy? 

By intensively distilling fresh plant-material, all vitamins and antioxidants are transferred. Every shot gives a powerful botanical dosage. 


Is Bôtan vegan? 

Beyond vegan! All our blends are plant-based. 


Is Bôtan organic? 

Yes. All our blends are made from organically grown herbs, flowers and spices. Drink nature’s goodies - not pesticides.


Do we really grow herbs ourselves? 

Yes. In our terroir in Belgium, we grow herbs from all over the world. By growing our ingredients ourselves, we know when to harvest and capture a full-grown flavour palette. Of course, there are some ingredients which grow better in their native climate. For these quality ingredients, we source passionate suppliers who go beyond. 


Do we really distill ourselves? 

Yes. We call ourselves a smart distillery. We started with little machinery and lot’s of expertise on distilling plant material (which is quite different from distilling alcohol). We’re proud that we’re a warm distillery all by ourselves. 


Do we really blend ourselves? 

Yes. We master the art of blending. As with blending wine, we combine single ingredients from which the flavours depend on the seasons, weather and terroir. That’s why there’s no one standard recipe for the blends. Every year and every season, we blend, taste and adapt our recipes to get the distinct flavours of our editions. It’s only a few given to taste subtle nuances in flavour notes. 


What’s the code on the neck label? 

This number is the batch number. As with wine, there are subtle nuances in flavour notes depending on the year and season of production. The first letters give the year of production. The following two letters give the season: summer, autumn, winter and spring. 


Why are your blends so expensive? 

While using natural ingredients, our spirits are ridiculously strong. To create insane intense cocktails, you only need 25ml per serving, while other spirits recommend 50ml per serving.

And... We want to bring value to the market - not just make value. Bôtan is a premium non-alcoholic spirit. We only use the highest quality organic ingredients, and we skip cheap chemical ingredients. Did you know that one bottle contains 350 grams of distilled herbs, flowers and spices?