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B么tan drinks

The World's First Distillery from Field to Bottle
6 to 15 Single Distillations

The Superior Botanical Distillate

100% Organic WITHOUT Sugars, Fake Aromas & chemical Preservatives Shop
The World's 50 Best Chefs at the Musuem of Fine Arts

The Hexa Bar

As world's first superior N/A distillery, we were selected by the city of Antwerp for hosting our HEXA BAR at the finissage event of the award show of World's 50 Best. Read the full story


We were stunned to hear that we are the only N/A spirit that won a medal. On top of that, we won a golden medal! Shop the distillate
Embrace the Sustainable Future, Embrace B么tan Distillery

Real Ingredients

How can you love Non-Alc 'spirits' with Synthetic Aroma & Preservatives diluted with Water? Why Are We Different?
鈥淲hy are well Funded Companies Killing this Pre-Mature market by 鈥榗reating鈥 those Exact Liquids which Dishonour Craftsmanship, Health, Nature & Creativity?鈥

How We Create the Superior Botanical Distillate


We only work with unique high-quality ingredients to create gastronomic & intense flavours. We start our process by growing herbs in our perfect terroir.This is a fundamental step which goes far beyond the industrialised methods of flavour creation. The art lies in the process of growing.聽


We harvest our fresh herbs on Belgian terroir in park Vordenstein in Schoten.By growing & harvesting ourselves, we perfectly know when the complete range of flavours of our herbs are developped.


Once harvested, we single distill fresh and dried flowers, herbs and plants.We handle different cuts for different herbs. Every distilling session needs a tailored approach.


Due to the dependence on terroir and seasons, we adjust our recipes seasonally and annually to be able to provide our unique & familiar flavour.


The Distillates of B么tan are 100% natural. Once the single distillates are blended they need to rest for minimum 30 days.During this ripening process, thousands of moleculs interact with each other and make the flavour more round.

Wim 鈥 Master Culinary Herbalist

the Flavour & Complexity is Developed by intensive Cultivation of curated Herbs in the correct Terroir.

Same Day Dispatch

All orders placed before 10:00 Monday to Friday are dispatched same day.

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A free fully-trackable 2-day delivery service on all orders over 鈧70.

100% Organic