Fighting the Rising Tide of Conformity

Fighting the Rising Tide of Conformity

Our passion for herbs goes beyond category. It drove us to go beyond conformity.

Definition of conformity

Conformity means that a person, product, service or situation meets the expectations. A conforming choice is the simplest choice. The choice at hand. The choice where you don't doubt the foundation or the reason. And it is the choice that everyone agrees with just because it’s familiar.

What if we doubt the foundation, the reason? Do we still make the compliant choice? Or do we create a new expectation, a new foundation and a new reason?

We believe that life only becomes interesting when we question fundamentals. In fact, our passion and honesty prevents us from making a conforming spirit.

The reason to doubt the foundation

Throughout our research & development we visited many craft distilleries in Belgium. So-called artisans who discredit the true craft of distilling. The curtain fell on the craft and warm distillation. Many distilleries make flavor from extracts. Read: they add extracts to water. This is far from nature and the authentic source of flavor. The taste of citrus? It is approximated by citric acid. The taste of ginger?  By adding an extract you have the spicy touch you are looking for.

By turning our backs on the industry, we rediscovered the true taste of citrus as nature envisioned it.

This tour through Belgium fueled our urge to do things differently. Making honest flavors based on tangible herbs, spices and flowers. And to fight the established industrialized principles.

A new conformity

In general, people settle in too quickly. Can we blame ourselves? Words like craft, terroir and natural are incorrectly communicated. Being critical with every offer we come across takes time, which is already so precious. And yet - read the back of other (non-alcoholic) spirits. Because in the end, many of them are lying to you. 

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