The rulebook of a newborn category

The rulebook of a newborn category

The N/A spirits sector is booming

Driven by consciousness, we consume less alcohol. Today, everyone knows that alcohol does not fit a balanced lifestyle. We all know that if alcohol were to be invented in the 21sth century, consumption would not have been allowed. 

And so, we started looking for alternatives to alcohol. This tendency gave birth to the No & Low ABV sector. Stated by Nielsen, this sector has grown an impressive 506% since 2015. 

Flabbergasted by this growth, the corporate giants immediately began whipping up industrially made N/A spirits in their laboratories and some fairytale stories in their marketing departments. 

If the rulebook of established ABV brands originally started from craftsmanship, the newly written rulebook of N/A sadly starts with capitalism. 

The Rulebook of N/A

Can you become a legacy in an era where knowledge and transparency has become a commodity? 

Whilst we’re looking for new drinking occasions, a new liquid category opens up. An unwritten book is waiting to mark the legacy brands. Sadly enough, the rulebook of N/A is scribbled by corporate giants for quick gains & high margins.

Let’s reflect back in time. 

The champagne house Dom Perignon accidentally created a new drink by pressing and fermenting heavily harvested grapes in the perfect terroir of the Champagne region. Imagine that they didn’t start creating champagne from grapes. Imagine that they ‘invented’ this new category by combining synthetic flavour components of grapes and water. The category of champagne would have been dead long before you and I were born. And champagne wouldn’t have become the noble and luxurious product backed by heritage and authenticity we all know & love today.

We find it peculiar that brands are only relying on rapid growth. As a result, the standards in this category set by its first entrants are subpar. Their only reason for existence is ‘imitating’ whilst not questioning the liquids and how they’re being made. This in an era where more and more people are conscious about what they consume. Consciousness drove people to consume less alcohol. But consciousness will have people get to the point where they find out they are being lied to with ‘imitations’ made of fake ingredients and made up marketing stories. 

But how can you become a legacy in an era where knowledge and transparency has become a commodity? 

That’s why Bôtan Distillery is built from values such as authenticity, transparency and craftsmanship. 

Let’s tear up the draft rulebook of N/A! 
& Let’s set the rules together.

Are you in? 

With the rise of Bôtan Distillery, it’s time for authenticity to emerge. 

By designing flavour from real ingredients, Bôtan is the world’s only N/A Distillery from field-to-bottle. We pride ourselves on not using artificial flavours, sugars or preservatives. Instead, we grow, distill & blend buzzing with passion. 

Let’s shake up the industry. Let’s rediscover flavour together which goes far beyond alcohol and industrialised flavour additives. Let’s stay away from short term quick gains and high margins. That’s what the No & Low ABV sector & especially you deserve! 

And remember… Be critical about what you buy & consume ❤️

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