Why we go Beyond?

Why we go Beyond?

According to The Dictionary, going beyond means ‘doing more than what’s expected or required’. Bôtan Distillery really goes beyond… 


Beyond 1.

We get rid of industrialised standards in the drinking industry. Why’d we use additives as intensively grown herbs have more intense flavours than aromas have? Why’d we use preservatives as herbs have natural preserving molecules? And why’d we use alcohol as alcohol kills all living molecules in plants? 

Beyond 2.

We turn back to our origin, nature. When having a look at the back of your favourite non-alcoholic spirit, you’ll see what we mean. There’s mainly industry involved, not nature. We know how to handle nature to create great tasting spirits with a natural long shelf life. 

Beyond 3.

We are a craft distillery. We grow the highest-quality herbs. We distill them ourselves in our micro distillery. We blend single distilled herbs ourselves - and master the art of it. 

Beyond 4.

We create extraordinary flavours and drinking experiences. Our blends are different from what we currently know in the non-alcoholic market segment. Bôtan Distillery makes nolow drinking interesting. Compared with wine, your nolow drink will have an aromatic nose, deep-flavoured body and mouth feeling, and a long aftertaste - thanks to Bôtan Distillery.

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