Restaurant Signatuur 

Restaurant Signatuur is a casual fine dining restaurant by Sally and Bart. The owners' philosophy is to bring pure flavours by the rhythm of the seasons. 

The couple adores a good whiskey sour cocktail. Is it the flavour? Or is it the moments they shared with each other accompanied by this classic cocktail? Well, it’s probably both! One thing was sure, they would serve this cocktail as their signature house apéritif. They reached out to Atelier Paul Morel for the development of this cocktail. 

The non-alcoholic version of this cocktail is built from our botanical distillate Bôtan Signature Blend. Flavour notes of roses & varieties of cacao turn the palette more round & layered. This is expressed in the nose, mouthfeel & finish. To tell you a little secret, it’s Sally’s favourite pick! 



Inspired by a zero-waste philosophy, Bart creates signature dishes made from structures of one ingredient. He literally uses everything going from the peel to seeds and the inner vegetable itself. By mastering different cooking techniques, Bart creates structure and layered flavours. 

As hostess and sommelier, Sally is passionate about creating N/A pairings. She mainly starts her liquid creations on kombucha and cold pressed vegetable juices which appear in the dishes. To give the non-alcoholic pairings an extra sparkle, Sally often adds one of our botanical distillates. 

Restaurant Signatuur 
Volkstraat 23 
2000 Antwerpen

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