COLLAB: Émotion by Leo with Bôtan's Pine Haze

COLLAB: Émotion by Leo with Bôtan's Pine Haze

In his patisserie-viennoiserie Leobased in Antwerp, Sander Goosens designs refined pastries. Inspired by the autumn season, he created an émotion built from three layers of deep flavours. What’s remarkable about the émotion is the savoriness. 

The praliné of pine nuts brings a soft nutty flavour with an undercurrent sweetness. Countered by a layer of cassis berries and in flavour sweet and sour. Sander tops the desert off with a structure made from our botanical distillate Pine Haze

"By using outstanding raw ingredients, all layers individually have deep flavours. Combined the layers express a savory balance. One of the layers is made from the botanical distillate Pine Haze. This distillate acts as a perfect accelerator of flavour." Sander Goosens, Leo 


The patisserie-viennoiserie, Leo 

Leo is a patisserie-viennoiserie by Sander Goosens and opened earlier this year in 2021. This tiny place is unique as Sander himself designs, creates and serves his clients. And what he serves his clients is unique and not to be compared to any other bakery. 

The name Leo comes from his grandfather Leo Goossens. As a child, Sander was surrounded with a passion for pastry. Enjoying his passion in his own Antwerp based patisserie-viennoiserie is the ultimate start of a new chapter. 

Sander Goosens gained experience at Pierre Marcolini Bruxelles, a chocolatier who won the Coupe du Monde. Later Sander went to Barcelona to participate in an internship at Espai Sucre, the first dessert restaurant in the world. In 2007, he won a competition by Espai Sucre for ‘most creative dessert’. After Barcelone, Sander moved to France where he started working for Pierre Gagnaire (***) and Saturne (*). Back in Belgium, Sander first opened Belgians first pop-up desert restaurant, followed by a career as chef with Domestic. From 2020, Sander decided to start building his dream. In 2021, he opened Leo. 

Solvynsstraat 77
2018 Antwerpen

The botanical distillate Pine Haze

The refreshing botanical distillate Pine Haze is vibrant and fresh. Every autumn, we’re looking forward to the harvest of tiny fresh pine cones. The pine resin brings a flavour of fresh eucalyptus, wood and subtle notes of gasoline and soil.

Combined with distilled fresh fennel flowers, the earthy flavours are combined with an aroma of anise and undercurrent sweetness. Combined with 5 different herbs and flowers, this botanical blend gives a new dimension to freshness. 

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