How we raise the bar at the festival

How we raise the bar at the festival

WECANDANCE, the popular open-air festival on Zeebrugge beach, was now up to its 10th edition. With Bôtan Distillery, we were able to sway in the good vibes and music of the event for the second year in a row. And what a top edition it was again, wahw!

Top mixology at a festival

Our bar, which occupied a central position on the grounds, was not to be missed during the two WECANDANCE weekends, as were our NOLOW drinks. It’s unseen to have an high-end cocktail bar at a festival. The experience was made even more unique as it took place on our North Sea beach.

The many positive feedback and interest from festival visitors confirmed that there is an increasing focus on a maximum experience without alcohol. And of course we welcome that! The precision and care we put in every cocktail creation makes Bôtan Distillery stand out in their segment. The mixology tools and professional, but above all passionate team contributes to our success.

Bôtan bar at WECANDANCE


Our WECANDANCE Bôtan serves

With our botanical cocktails, we brought ready-to-serve bottles to the market. A bottled N/A cocktail, so to speak, with the right measured ratio of ingredients. Choosing a nice matching glass and picking fine herbs to finish the drink with are the few actions to serve a flavorful cocktail that catches the eye. And ready we were, bringing along our bar, to blow over the thousands of visitors to this festival with their chosen non-alcoholic Bôtan cocktail.

If you didn't run into us this summer, you can still taste our botanical cocktails at your own place. We’ll help you choose. We served the drinks below at WECANDANCE 2023:

Ginzu Spritzer: Welcoming etheric oils of lemon fruits and mandarins, supported by ginger aroma. That’s our Spritzer. Very accessible in taste and very much appreciated by a wide audience.

Wakataya: An ode to the unique Peruvian herb "Huacatay"; a Peruvian mint variety. Based on the classic cocktail "Pisco Sour". The herb Huacatay for this cocktail is cultivated in Belgium and distilled in Antwerp.

Shizo: An ode to Japanese terroir through a combination of red Shiso and Yuzu. The taste of Shizo cocktail is expressed through the delicate flavor of freshly harvested Shiso sourced from Japan and cultivated and distilled in Belgium. A true signature cocktail of Bôtan Distillery.

Pomelo Asada: Our interpretation of the classic Paloma cocktail but with a more pronounced flavor palette for advanced lovers. Distilled from Mexican peppers including Jalapeno and Ansho. Bôtan Distillery roasts and smokes the peppers to then distill them, without alcohol. Nice and fruity bitters of grapefruit, with very smoky, smoky notes.

Ginzu Spritzer Bôtan at WECANDANCE
Wakataya Bôtan at WECANDANCE
Shizo Bôtan at WECANDANCE Asada Pomelo Bôtan at WECANDANCE


Bôtan Distillery’s health belief

Not only are the drinks served a flavorful non-alcoholic alternative, each botanical cocktail celebrates the pure essence of nature. Distilled exclusively from fresh, mature plant ingredients, our drinks embody botanical adaptogens that nourish your body with every sip. Adaptogens do support your festive mood as they reduce stress related effects and thus regulate your balance and energy level. Our expertly crafted cocktails embrace the beneficial properties of botanical adaptogens - a symphony of organic acids, antioxidants, amino acids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Immerse yourself in a world of healthy enjoyment, where taste and wellness come together to redefine the term cocktail. At Bôtan Distillery, we invite you to enjoy the beauty of nature's bounty.

The empowering value of inclusivity

Whether you prefer to experience your day or night out alcohol-free or you prefer to intoxicate yourself with alcohol, to each his or her taste. We sincerely love every visitor who stops by our bar to hear our story and thought process. Our non-alcoholic cocktail offer is not only extensive but also includes every lifestyle as it is Halal certified. 

We love to see ALL of you to share our craftmanship, regardless any conviction, anytime.


We quietly close the festival season and are already looking forward to next year's collaborations. Would you also like an honest N/A offering at your event or festival? Then contact us via

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